00 vs 000 buckshot for home defense

.410 000 buckshot, 000 410 buckshot, 000 buckshot 410, 410 000 buckshot, 410 000 buckshot for home defense, federal 410 3 inch 000 buckshot review, hornady .410 3 inch pdx review, hornady vs pdx1 410, pdx1 vs 000 buck, which is abetter defense round 00 or 000 410 3 buckshot I use Federal Vital-Shok 2 3/4" 00 Buckshot. Its been my experience that Remington's has the best hulls, Federal has the best components, and Winchester has the best availability in other buckshot sizes (asides 00). That being said, you can't go wrong with 00 buckshot with so many available these days. Just buy several brands and pattern them. Although birdshot is not as lethal as buckshot, even at close range, it may make sense for home or apartment defense where the opportunity exists to injure or kill innocent people behind thin walls in adjacent rooms. For defending a single family home, buffered by land, 00 buck is preferred. The choice for birdshot loads is BB or #4 birdshot.