Factors affecting growth and development of small and medium enterprises in kenya

vance in either the development or hindrance of the development and growth of SMEs. In ret-rospect, these were: financial constraints and competition. 2 East African Packaging Industries in Brief East African Packaging Industries (EAPI) is one of the successful medium enterprises in Kenya, having an annual turnover of $28.1 million. The nation needs the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) because they contribute meaningfully to economic development. They are in the forefront of output expansion, employment generation, income redistribution, promotion of indigenous entrepreneurship and production of primary goods to strengthen industrial linkages. Factors Influencing Development of Small and Micro Youth Owned Enterprises in Kisauni and Nyali Sub-Counties, Mombasa County Victor Mwakisha Mwang’ombe1 Eric Mathuva2 Christopher Njoroje3 1Department of Business Administration, School of Business, Kenya Methodist University, Kenya district. Mugo, (2012), did a study on Factors affecting entrepreneurs’ performance in Kenya dwelling on Nairobi women groups in the Central Business District. Kinyua, (2014), did a study on factors affecting the performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Jua Kali Sector in Nakuru town, Kenya. It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the importance of the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector in the economic and social development of a country. In view of their identified importance, this present study aims to develop a clearer understanding of the factors that influence success of small and medium enterprises in