Simplecaptcha maven

Spring Security SimpleCaptcha integration sample. It demonstrates a way how to introduce a CAPTCHA verification into the form logins. After 3 unsuccessful login attempts a CAPTCHA will required to be provided. Jun 15, 2015 · 下載 SimpleCaptcha 請到 官網 下載,目前版本是 1.2.1,Maven repository 上的還是 1.1.1,Maven Repository 上還有個版本超前官網的 1.2.2 的同名 library,別誤會了,這可是強國人製作的,原因不明。 Note: this artifact is a non-canonical fork. See the wiki for more details. Hello: I am trying to integrate simplecaptcha into my web application. When I try to follow the instruction on the custom images page, my results differ highly from the expected output. I tried this simple example: Captcha captcha = new Captcha.Builder(WIDTH, HEIGHT) .addText() .build(); But the image I get has very hard to read text.