Sliding screen door alternatives

May 03, 2014 · DIY a sliding barn door And of course, there’s the famed $40 sliding farm door project! This one can replace a standard swinging door like the other examples (though unlike a pocket door, you’ll have to make some allowances for the slide of this door around your furniture arrangements). But also this is a great divider option for small ... We offer four levels of sliding screen doors from economy to extra heavy duty. Order our sliding screen doors fully assembled, ready-to-install, or Un-Assembled cut to size you provide with all the necessary screen door parts and screen material so you can install your sliding screen door properly and save money. CRL Sliding Screen Door Latch Kit; 1-1/4" Screw Holes for Acorn Doors by C.R. Laurence. $7.00. Used by Acorn This popular CRL Sliding Screen Door Latch Kit is non-handed and surface mounted. The kit includes an additional washer and binder post nut to be used if original threaded nut in door stile has become worn. Welcome to Sliding Screen! At you can shop a wide range of porch screening materials and other solutions for Custom sliding patio screen doors that will give you control over what comes in the doors and what goes out the doors. Sliding Screen Door Solutions We all love having options, and that is just what Desert Sunscreens offers. We provide alternatives to generic sliding screen doors that you find at local home improvement stores. We not only provide a selection of multiple frame colors, but we also offer screen material alternatives that can fit your needs. We