Vue cli global scss

If you are new to vue-cli and its webpack template, you are probably in a situation where you do not really know how to declare global style rules for your project. This article will show you how to d Mar 19, 2018 · # Install vue-cli v3+ globally yarn global add @vue/cli # Create a new project (prompts for preset options) # For this article we chose the default settings vue create /path/to/vue-cli-project # Now open the project cd /path/to/vue-cli-project We end up with the structure below. If you look closely, you'll see very few configuration files. Nov 22, 2017 · For my project I used Vue CLI webpack and here’s a solution that worked for me.. I manage all of my SCSS in the App.vue file. In each of my Component.vue I stopped using <style></style> and started creating a separate component.scss. Vue CLI uses PostCSS internally. You can configure PostCSS via .postcssrc or any config source supported by postcss-load-config , and configure postcss-loader via css.loaderOptions.postcss in vue.config.js . Using Pre-Processors inside Components. Once installed, you can use the pre-processors inside your *.vue components using the lang attribute on <style> tags: < style lang = "scss" > /* write SASS! */ </ style > A note on SASS syntax. lang="scss" corresponds to the CSS-superset syntax (with curly braces and semicolons).